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Etherea Natural Foods Inc. has branded products that have been granted NPN (Natural Health Product Number) by Health Canada.  Please click below links for more information:


Etherea Omega-3 Fish Oil:


Etherea CLA 80:


Etherea Omega 3-6-9 1200 Mg:


Etherea CLA 95:


Etherea-Spring Brother Powder:


Etherea Organic Flaxseed Oil 1000 Mg:


Etherea Choless-Konjac 500 Mg Capsule:


 Etherea Evening Primrose Oil 1000 Mg Capsules:


Evening Grape Seed Capsule:


Etherea Co Q10 100mg Capsule:


Etherea Wild Bee Propolis (Capsule):


Etherea Wild Bee Propolis (Liquid):


Etherea Strong Men (Maca Powder):


Etherea Lecithin 1200 mg Capsule:


Etherea Odourless Garlic Oil Capsule:


Etherea Collagen Capsule:


Etherea Slim Green Tea Capsule:


Etherea Joint Health Capsule:


Etherea Blood Sugar Balance Capsule:


Etherea Melatonin Capsule:


Etherea Shell Broken Ganoderma Lucidum Capsule:


Etherea Prostate Health  Capsule:


Etherea Eleuthero Capsule:


Etherea Tribulus Terrestris Capsule:


Etherea MSM Capsule:


Etherea Curcumin  Capsule:


Etherea Alpha Lipoic Acid  Capsule:


Etherea UGB Capsule:


Etherea Joint Relief Chondroitin Capsule:


Etherea Astragalus Membranaceus Capsul:


Etherea Joint Ease Boswellia Capsule

Etherea-Brother-6 Softgel Capsule


Etherea Digestion Health Papain Capsule:


Etherea OPC-I  Capsule:


Etherea Enteric Health Biotin  Capsule:


Evening Joint-Pain Relief Capsule:


Etherea Withania Capsule


Etherea Seal Oil


 Etherea OPC-II


Etherea OPC-III


Etherea OPC-V


Etherea OPC-Fortune


Etherea OPC-VII


Etherea OPC-VI


Etherea Full Digest Enzyme


Etherea Anti-O Glutathione     


Etherea Green Life Resveratrol


Etherea Glucomate


Etherea Ageless Iii


Etherea Ageless Hyaluronic Acid


Etherea Yi Shan


Etherea Cuo Ai


Etherea Yue Shu Bao


Etherea Ding Le Bao


Etherea Real Lucks Balance Ease


Etherea Ageless II


Etherea Lifestyle


Etherea Neem Leaf


Etherea Ocs


Etherea Balance O2 Free


Etherea Slim Support


Etherea Qk Slim


Etherea Opc-King


Etherea Balance Opc-Viii


Etherea Slim Support

Etherea Qk Slim


Etherea Opc-King Tang


Etherea Shannai


Etherea Opc-Queen


Etherea Opc-Super


Etherea Opc-Xii


Etherea Opc-Xi


Etherea Y-An Balance Diabeatin


Etherea Opc-Ix


Etherea Opc-X


Etherea Premium Maca


Etherea Tongkat Ali Eurycoma Longifolia


Etherea Balance Fucoidan


Etherea Balance Cq-I

Etherea Squalene Powder


Etherea Squalene Capsules


Etherea Cq-1 Capsules


Etherea Gummy Vitamin D3


Etherea Gummy Melatonin


Etherea Gummy Coq10


Etherea Gummy Vitamin C


Etherea Gummy Calcium+D3


Etherea Gummy Biotin


Etherea Children Gummy Vitamin


Etherea Gummy Multi-Vitamins


Etherea Gummy Dha


Etherea Young I

Etherea Young II

Etherea Young III


Etherea Infant Liquid Dha (Lemon Flavor)


Etherea Infant Immune Drops


Etherea Infant Iron Drops


Etherea Infant Liquid Calcium (Milk Flavor)


Etherea Infant D Drops


Etherea BCAA Tablets


Etherea BCAA


Etherea Musclestrong I

Etherea Musclestrong II

Etherea Musclestrong III

Etherea Musclestrong Fortune


Etherea Musclestrong V


Etherea Young Fortune

Etherea Young V

Etherea Young VI


Etherea Brother Strong


Etherea Super Cellgen


Etherea Glucoside


Etherea Brother Strong III


Etherea Brother Strong II


Etherea Super Biogen


Etherea Liver Energy


Etherea Opc Super King


Etherea Longevity


Etherea Honey With American Ginseng


Etherea Honey With Asian Ginseng


Etherea Infant D Drop II


Etherea Honey With Aa Ginseng


Etherea Ec Fish Oil Omega 3 II 5025


Etherea Ec Fish Oil Omega 3 I 1812


Etherea Joint Support III


Etherea Joint Support II


Etherea Joint Support I


Etherea L-Arginine


Etherea Cla 95 Super


Etherea L-Theanine II


Etherea L-Theanine I


Etherea Lutein I


Etherea Lutein II


Etherea Lutein III


Etherea Liver Support


Etherea Musclestrong VI


Etherea Memory I


Etherea Ubiquinol I


Etherea Gino III


Etherea Beauty V


Etherea Gino I


Etherea Beauty III


Etherea Beautiful


Etherea Gino II


Etherea Cranberry Tablet


Etherea Cranberry Capsule


Etherea Collagen Ii


Etherea Shell Broken Reishi Mushroom Powder


Etherea Brother Strong Vi


Etherea Brother Strong Via+


Etherea Brother Strong Via


The list is growing as more products with NPN are coming (Etherea Infant Series, Etherea Sport Nutrition Series ......).   Please check back for updates.



These products are available in retailing and in bulk with high quality and competitive prices.